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Obiective turistice in Curtea de Arges

obiective turistice arges


Once in Curtea de Argeș, you will enjoy the peace and beauty of the city and at the same time you will be able to visit a lot of local and surrounding tourist attractions.

Curtea de Argeș Monastery is the most important place of pilgrimage and prayer in Argeș County, founded during the reign of Neagoe Basarab, between 1512-1517. Inside the monastery is the Gospel of the Resurrection on Holy Saturday, written in gold letters by Queen Elizabeth. Here rest the remains of Kings Ferdinand and Carol I, as well as of Queens Elizabeth and Mary. Also, in the immediate vicinity of the monastery, the source of the fairy tale "Manole's Fountain" whispers uninterruptedly.

Atracții turistice în Curtea de Arges

The Princely Church was built in 1352 during the reign of Basarab I. In the church is preserved the tomb of Radu I Basarab exposed under the glass, here can be seen some remains of feudal clothing with gold ornaments and precious stones.

biserica domneasca curtea de arges
muzeu curtea de arges

Curtea de Argeș Municipal Museum. The museum is in the immediate vicinity of the Royal Court. It was inaugurated in the spring of 1969 and offers a heritage of over 12,000 pieces.

The ruins of the “Sân Nicoară” Church. A few meters from the Royal Court is the Sân Nicoară Park, the perfect place for an outdoor walk. On the top of a hill in this park you have the opportunity to see the ruins of the "Sân Nicoară" church. Sân Nicoară was the seat of the Catholic episcopate in Wallachia during the 15th century, until its dissolution in 1519.

obiective turistice curtea de arges

Distanțe rutiere
Curtea de Argeș – Cetatea Poienari 22 km
Curtea de Argeș – Barajul Vidraru 30 km
Curtea de Argeș – Ramnicu Valcea 37 km
Curtea de Argeș – Pitești 37 km
Curtea de Argeș – Câmpulung 50 km
Curtea de Argeș – Brașov 135 km
(via Câmpulung)
Curtea de Argeș – Brașov 221 km
(via Transfăgărășan)
Curtea de Argeș – Sibiu 134 km
(via Rm. Vâlcea – Valea Oltului)
Curtea de Argeș – Sibiu 161 km
(via Transfăgărășan)
Barajul Vidraru – Lacul Bâlea 55 km
Curtea de Argeș – Lacul Bâlea 85 km
Curtea de Argeș – Horezu 78 km
Curtea de Argeș – Târgu Jiu 147 km
Curtea de Argeș – Transalpina 133 km
Curtea de Argeș – Călimănești 54 km
Curtea de Argeș – București 153 km
Curtea de Argeș – Sinaia 157 km
(via Bran – Râșnov – Predeal)
Curtea de Argeș – Sinaia 179 km
(via Pitești – Târgoviște)